For over 5 years Miami Gurus has brought high quality customers to over a hundred professionals with our innovative Pay-Per-Results marketing service.


We create quality New Customer connections and help you manage to see ROI.


of Valid Calls Result in Jobs


Average New Jobs Booked Per Month


Average Value of New Jobs Booked per Year


“Miami Gurus sends leads that turn into actual jobs. Even on a slow week we are profiting a few thousands from their calls. Bye bye home advisor”

Simons Heating & Air Conditioning

“Our field is very competitive and Miami Gurus knows exactly how to advertise and give you the upper hand. Every dollar spent is worth it.”

Day & Night Services


Answer Your Phone. Grow Your Business.



You only pay for valid calls from genuine locals, many of whom you’ll book into jobs

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Pay Per Qualified Lead

You only pay for real-time valid leads that were qualified. Highest quality in the market

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Local Marketing

Let our smart web marketing campaigns bring local customers to your site

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Site Included

We provide you with a custom search-optimized website to showcase your services

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You control your marketing spend and see effectiveness

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No Contract

After the initial trial, You can pause or stop your campaigns any time

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How does your service work?

We promote Your Business online to generate new customer real-time phone calls or highly qualified leads. You only pay for new callers (or qualified prospects) looking for your services.

We’d love to discuss the details with you! Let’s schedule a demo or call us at (305) 964-8388.

Do I have to pay for every call?

No! Not every call is a valid, billable call. You don’t have to pay for repeat callers, wrong numbers, solicitors, etc. We only charge you for potential new customers.

How much does your service cost?

You Pay Per Results (Calls)/Lead. Prices and monthly costs vary based on your business type & location. As this is a competitive marketplace, the higher the cost of your type of work, the more expensive a lead will be. For example, a carpet cleaning company’s average ticket prices is considerably lower than that of a personal injury attorney, thus you can expect the lead cost to be much lower as well.

We offer two services:

. Pay-Per-Results: Where you have control over the amount of live calls you received (based on demand) and therefore, how much you spend.

. Pay-Per-Qualified-Lead: For a low monthly fee, we create, manage, optimize your online advertising and you get to choose your adspend.

Regardless of the service, you have control over the amount of money invested in advertising.

To get pricing details for your business call us at (305) 964-8388.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We specialize in bringing leads to local professional service providers and contractors. Here is a list of some of our primary industries.

Professional Service Providers: Legal and Attorneys, Accountants and CPAs, Dentists and Doctors.

Home Service Providers: Pool Builders, Roofers, Franchises, Electricians, Fire and Water Restoration, Plumbers, HVAC, Fencing, Handymen

Do you promise a certain amount of leads or jobs?

Just like with any advertising medium, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of calls or jobs, but unlike most other advertising options, you only pay for the valid calls or leads – the actual new potential customers who call you (pay per results) or send you the details (pay per qualified lead).

Want More Details?  Call 1-305-964-8388